Ruby Mountains

By Luca

3 September 2011

Every year I patiently wait for the few Holidays that US offers; labor day is one of my favorite, because weather in early September is generally pretty good.
We went to the Ruby mountains in Nevada few months before but didn’t get to do much because of the weather; in that event climbing mount Gilbert was the highlight. Since there were still plenty of peaks to climb in that area, we decided to give a try and spend as much as a week in that rugged desert.

Planning for the Rubys started several weeks before actually going there; both I and Ephrat worked a lot with the topo software trying to find possible routes for rather unknown mountains that definitely do not seem popular.

The weather forecast for the whole week wasn’t good and we even considered changing the destination of the trip to Oregon or Sierras, but with mainly afternoon thundestorms we thought we’d still give a try.

Although we baptized this event as Ruby Challenge, we spent three days outside the Rubys: Star Peak, Pilot Peak and Green Mountain.

All the outings would be dayhikes, since I much rather do long pushes in one day than carrying extra weight.

On September 2nd we left San Francisco with destination Reno. As usual, traffic on 80 was heavy despite the late departure, but we knew that would be the last sign of civilization for a while and it didn’t bug us too much.


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