Rubies Day 3

By Luca

5 September 2011

The weather didn’t look promising at all and we needed a rest day. Green Mountain seemed like a good candidate. Again, we had no idea how this mountain would look like, but it was a “selected” peak and we decided to try it.

There is a road from Harrison Pass that heads north to the “trailhead”. I knew this road was passable to 2wd at least for a couple of miles, then it becomes rougher.

The epic Corolla didn’t have any issue for the first few miles, then refused to go past a steep sandy section. Bummer, because the road from there was pretty good. We parked, prepared our sandwiches and started to hike by 7.45am.

We opened and close a gate and started walking directly towards our peak. While talking to Ephrat, I was telling her how upset I was that the road did look good past that section, but she pointed out this would be our only exercise for the day so she didn’t mind walking the rather long stretch of 2wd.

We definitely did Green Mountain the hard way. The peak is easily reachable from the south ridge, which is what we did. But instead of following the road/trail for a couple of more miles and then moving north to the ridge, we scrambled up rugged vegetation and walk all the way on the long ridge. It was quite intense, but once we gained the ridge it was an easy stroll.

Near the peak, we had to drop west to avoid some sharp cliffs, which surprised me quite a bit given the type of terrain.

For people trying Green Peak, do not make the same mistake we did. When the road makes a sharp left, follow it to the beginning of the ruby crest trailhead at about 8500 feet. From there continue on the trail to almost 8800 feet and take the easy ridge that is south-west of the peak. If you have a 4wd, you can summit in just a couple of hours.

We found a register with few signatures; I wrongly assumed that the vicinity of the peak to the road made it an easy target, but that isn’t the case.

While on the ridge, we were not even sure the peak I had on the GPS was the actual green mountain because there is an obvious higher peak just north-east of it. Surprisingly, the peak is unnamed (at least to my knowledge), despite 300 being 300 feet higher.

It would have been nice to follow the ridge east and then north to the unnamed peak to do a nice loop, but we had a long drive to West Wendover and the weather wasn’t looking any good.

We reached the summit in less than 3h30 and covered 3500 feet of elevation gain, making this one of the easiest days.

Stats: 11 miles, 5 hours, 3800 feet elevation gain

The remainder of the day we just drove to West Wendover, where we found a kick-ass deal in a hotel. I had been in West Wendover years before and never thought I’d be back to climb Pilot Peak.

It was strange – as usual – to get a hotel room and turn it into a kitchen, but Ephrat’s treats for dinner are far better than any food you could get in any restaurant in Wendover


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