Weather application

We want to enable people to have something similar to our weather matrix, but customizable. Ideally, we'd have the ability of logging into a website for doing it, but also have a mobile application from which you can retrieve the same information.

My whereabouts...

It happens many times that you make climbing plans and you are not reachable (remember that movie...).
We want to build an app where you put your last minute plans and people you trust can access it.
It's not the same as sending an email...

Ti Devo

Did you ever go out on a trip and have to split expenses with your friends?
That's also useful when you have friends or roommates with whom you have a running tally.
There used to be a service called, we think we can build something much better!

Ti Presto

We want to build a peer-to-peer lending service.
If you have gear sitting in your garage and you are willing to rent it, we want to build a service that will facilitate it.