Some memorable quotes...

When in doubt, reboot Mark Thomas, defeated by a non-working video chat
If you do Ericsson without piero you will die: Lucy's Pass is class 6 with ice, snow and vultures. Piero Scaruffi.
Just so you know, in May you got one state high point and I got TWO. (Kansas & Nebraska) So... Ryan C. (@budejovice), in reference to our climb up Denali
Have you ever climbed in Yosemite? Hubert, talking to Don Ried, who wrote *the* book on climbing in Yosemite
I like extra olive oil in my sandwiches. Ephrat at Subway, trying to score some to-go olive oil.
He's pissed; we threw some dirt at him but he would not go away. Some volunteers, talking about a rattlesnake.
I hate classic routes. In fact, I'm going to write my own 50 classics book; the first mountain will be White Mountain. Nic, during the Palisade trip.
I like scary stuff. Hubert, after a miraculous escape from a thunderstorm on the Sawtooth Ridge.
It's going to be a whole day affair. Ranger trying to convince us not to go up Grey's Peak. It took us 1.5 hours.
I don't know where Mt Muir is, but I can point out Table Mountain. Ranger on Whitney, standing 25 meters from the base of Mt Muir.
That's good stuff man, I down that stuff. Nic, referring to Pepto-bismol.
Pretty freaking steep! Ranger's response when Hubert asks about the angle of the snow slope to the Upper Saddle on Grand Teton.
That car looks like a tornado chaser. Nic, coming back from Yosemite.
Follow the arete to the summit. R. J. Secor's standard description of many technical routes in the High Sierras.
The closer to White Mountain, the better. Nic, who is obsessed by White Mountain after three failed attempts.
Ugh, Paris Hilton, gross! Please change channel. Ephrat, zapping in a motel room.
Hello day-hikers! Michael Darter, backpacking photographer, meeting people at the Sierra Challenge 2011.
What a day, how could life get any better? I could have had that 10a this morning. Nic, in Joshua Tree.
If it is not indestructible, buy it at REI. Nic, on the trip to White Mountain.
80 mph wind forecast: prime conditions for White Mountain. Nic, talking about a possible weekend to the North-west ridge.
If your car ever catches on fire in the South Bay, feel free to crash at my place. Hubert, after his car caught on fire in San Francisco.